#1 Bait station for live bait Handling

bait_bucket_aerator_baitBait Dipper Bait Bucket and Tackle BoxBait-Bucket-aerator-bucket

Aerated Bait Bucket and Tackle Box all in one

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Mission Statement;

The Bait Dipper's goal is to provide a long lasting quality valued product and, that all our customers are completely satisfied. With our background in the fishing industry we know that our products will withstand time. Only using superior material and proudly made in the U.S.A. Bait Dipper is dedicated to customer service that is among the best in the industry. Employees of the Bait Dipper will also be treated in a professional manner with a rewarding work environment and fair compensation.

Background of the company;

Todd O. Emmons the President of Whatz Up Products Inc. and co-inventor of the Bait Dipper has a long career as an Architect and Builder along with owning and operating an internet marketing company. Todd O. Emmons role is to head up R&D, Marking and Sales. As an avid fisherman my entire life I was able to produce the proper products that applies to the consumer and fits a niche market in the fishing industry.

Teresa C. Emmons the Vice President of Whatz Up Products Inc. and co-inventor of the Bait Dipper Has a long career in the building industry as the CFO and an inventor her entire life as well as a passion for fishing. Teresa C. Emmons role is CFO, R&D, Marketing and Personnel Director.

Our Vision;

Whatz Up Products Inc. with the manufacturing and assembly of the "Bait Dipper" is a Christ –based organization whose vision is to bring hope to a targeted area in West Pasco County, Florida by encouraging  individuals who are caught in a cycle of entitlement or who are re-entering into society from incarceration or the less fortunate. This transformation will be achieved through job training discipleship which in turn creates self-esteem that comes from working and taking pride in their accomplishments. You will feel a sense of pride as well as helping make a difference in the lives of so many and that the product is "United States of America Made".

bait buckets and fishing tackle that will Withstand time

This product speaks for itself with a Built-In Dip Net that retrieves the Bait from your Container Faster and Keeps Your Bait Alive Longer than any other conventional method on the market.

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catching fish is our specialty

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