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bait_bucket_aerator_baitBait Dipper Bait Bucket and Tackle BoxBait-Bucket-aerator-bucket

Aerated Bait Bucket and Tackle Box all in one

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Bait Strainer
Aerator-Flashlight-Tackle Box
and Caddy

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Thermo Gauge
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Great for Night Fishing


Bait_Dipper_Bait_Life_Top_Tackle_Box Bait_Dipper_Bait_Life_Top_Light
 Tackle Box             Flashlight

Air Stone

Soft Touch Bait Blanket
Bait_Bucket_Net          Air-Stone
    Bait Strainer          Accessory Tabs

10 Packs of Treatment
Fresh or Saltwater


 Product Information

The Bait Dipper Bait life All-In-One Bait Kit is a unique patented design for keeping your bait alive. If you are serious about keeping your bait alive and healthy and Catching More Fish this product is it. As you know the price of live bait is very expensive and to lose it before you even get to fish can be devastating. Bait Life features a tackle box with a built in aerator and a flashlight. The easy to remove tackle box provides light on your bait as well as a detachable flashlight for night rigging. The View through lid allows you to keep an eye on your bait at all times. The Thermo Gauge is a great feature for maintaining water temperature control. With the single handle attached to the bait strainer that raises your live bait with ease out of your container does not exhaust or scale your bait like conventional nets do. The bait strainer allows the air to travel through the center of the net releasing the bubbles at a center point in the container therefore keeping the circulating bait out of the air column and out of their own waste. The Bait Dipper has mounting tabs for carrying your fishing tackle accessories. Bait Life comes with packets of water treatment either for salt or freshwater help extend the health of your bait. With Bait Dippers Soft touch Bait Blanket you can easily remove the bait from your container for water changes. The fish gloves are great for handling your bait or your catch.

     - 5 Gallon Bait Container with Built-In Accessory Tabs and Caddy to Prevent Over Turning.
     - Thermo Gauge.
     - Bait Dipper Tackle Box with a 6 compartment Storage Space.
     - Built-In LED Light
     - Light Weight 9v Aerator.
     - Flip Top Opening with Bait Window.
     - Durable Bait Strainer. 
Rope Handle.
     - 2 Aluminum Spring Clips for Hanging Fishing Tackle. 
     - Air Stone.
     - Bait Dipper Soft Touch Water Change Blanket.
     - 10 Packs of Water Treatment (Treats Up To 50 Gallons Of Water).
     - Fish Gloves.
     - Proudly American Made.

bait Containers and fishing tackle that will Withstand time

This product speaks for itself with a Built-In Dip Net that retrieves the Bait from your Container Faster and Keeps Your Bait Alive Longer than any other conventional method on the market.

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