#1 Bait station for live bait Handling

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Aerated Bait Bucket and Tackle Box all in one

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Bait Well - Aerator - Tackle Box

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Bait Life Package
Bait Dipper's
Soft Touch Bait Blanket
Soft%20Touch%20in%20Net Soft%20Touch
Bait Dipper's
 Soft Touch Bait Blanket

This Durable Soft Touch Bait Blanket allows you change the water in your container without harming the bait. Place this in your container on top of the water and as you raise the strainer it will gently lay over the bait causing less stress on them. The Soft Touch Bait Blanket is also great if you desire to change buckets.

Bait Dipper's



Water Treatment Freshwater

Bait Dipper's
Water Treatment

10 packs of Treatment
Conditions 50 gallons of Water
Removes Harmful Ammonia
Keeps Bait Frisky
Lowers Bait Loses Removes Harmful Surface Foam
Removes Oder's from Water.

Specify upon purchase
Freshwater or Saltwater
Bait Dipper's
Fishing Gloves
Bait Dipper Fishing Gloves

Bait Dipper's
Fishing Gloves

When cleaning your catch or handling large spiny bait these are the gloves of choice. If you fish for the larger and smarter lunkers you may want to wear these gloves when handling your bait. They did not get to be lunkers without detecting something wrong with the food they eat.
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bait Containers and fishing tackle that will Withstand time

This product speaks for itself with a Built-In Dip Net that retrieves the Bait from your Container Faster and Keeps Your Bait Alive Longer than any other conventional method on the market.
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